Why sponsor an elite athlete?  

Many athletes are supported by brands, companies and individuals which want to be associated with an elite athlete. This is vital for Paralympians who wish to be able to train full-time to reach their full potential in their chosen sport.  

Reasons for supporting an athlete can be very personal ie. the athlete is known to a company owner or brand. It can be that an athlete’s sport or personality is aligned to that of a brand or a company. Or it can be that a brand or a company wants to be associated with the world of sport in general and the Paralympics in particular. 

Chris has sponsors who play a vital role in allowing him to train full-time in his sport and help him cover all associated expenses including extensive travel costs around the world to compete. He also lives in Wiltshire and trains in Walsall at the British Judo Olympic & Paralympic National Training Centre. He has trained at this centre full-time since 2013.  

Chris’s sponsors 2023 to 2024: 

What do you get in return for sponsorship? 

This really depends how much you are willing to invest in Chris as he journeys towards Paris 2024.  

You could ask Chris to: 

  • Speak at an event run by you – in person or virtual (expenses may apply) 
  • Attend an event run by you, such as to open a new premises. 
  • Run a judo session for your team – providing you’ve got appropriate space. 
  • Share some social media posts about you, your brand, your ethos. 
  • Take part in any company podcast, provide a guest blog or some other marketing asset. 
  • Wear branded clothing supplied by you – though in very particular circumstances.  
  • Send out a media story about his relationship with you – or your own team could do this too subject to Chris’s approval.  

Chris cannot:  

  • Carry logos on any PARALYMPICS GB kit as that is reserved for main sponsors of the Paralympic Games.  
  • He cannot take sponsorship from conflicting brands without mutual agreement from both brands concerned.  
  • He cannot take sponsorship from a brand which is not aligned to his own morals & ethics.  
  • He cannot take sponsorship from any brand which could bring the Paralympics into disrepute.  

If you wish to discuss a sponsorship deal around Chris Hunt Skelley MBE please contact his media representative Fiona Scott, of Scott Media by emailing