Imagine achieving your greatest dream, having striven and worked hard for hours every single day – pushing your body to the limits of endurance. Then imagine doing that for days, weeks, months, years wearing a blindfold.

If you can imagine that then you are some way towards imagining the world of Chris Hunt Skelley MBE. Chris is a World Number 1 in judo, a gold medal winner in his sport at Tokyo 2020, a silver medallist in the inaugural Euro Para Championships and well on his way to go for gold again at Paris2024.

Chris was discovered by spotters when he was competing against sighted competitors in judo, beating them while wearing a blindfold. Chris did this because light can irritate his eyes due to the condition he has – ocular albinism. As a keen sportsman, judo was one sport he could continue when his eye sight started to fail in his teenage years.

If you want to inspire and motivate an audience then invest in this elite athlete who overcame astonishing odds to become the best in the world at his sport even though he is now registered blind.

What can Chris talk about?

Chris can cover many subjects to motivate any team or audience including:

  • *His personal journey to becoming an elite athlete.
  • *How to be resilient.
  • *How to be a team player.
  • *How to overcome challenges in life and at work/in business.
  • *Living with a disability.
  • *Living with a hidden disability.
  • *How to empower people with disabilities.
  • *How to be truly inclusive in the workplace and in life.
  • *Finding love.
  • *Working as a team – how he works with his wife Louise Hunt Skelley PLY, a former Paralympic wheelchair tennis player – to play to their strengths.

What can Chris do?

Chris can do a keynote speech in a freeflow manner to an invited, open or closed audience – he will often not use images or props or PowerPoints.

Chris can run a judo session for your team or sports session – as long as your space is safe and suitable. He will discuss this with you.

Chris can do an interviewer-led chat about his life, career and his learnings.

Chris will happily allow any Q&As.

Chris will be happy to take part in any photoshoots, selfies, or media interviews at any event.

What will the investment be?

The fee will very much depend on the scope of work involved, the degree of preparation, travel and any reasonable expenses incurred. Please be aware that Chris’s fee for speaking starts from £1,500 plus all reasonable expenses.

Chris will often have a support person with him and this person can be his wife Louise or one of his close team. This means that any hotel accommodation required may involve two rooms rather than one and expenses may include the time of his support person at £300 a day or part thereof.

To discuss this please contact Chris’s media liaison Fiona Scott of Scott Media via email at

NB: Please be aware to book a date in Chris’s diary, a 33 per cent booking fee (non-refundable) will be required and the balance will be payable within seven days of the event taking place. If your payment cycle is longer than seven days, you will be invoiced the balance in advance so that payment will have been made by the time the event takes place.